Professional business environment at Sears Coworking is conducive for optimal productivity


Centrally located with easy access from Metro Rail and other public transport network (beat the traffic)

Human Comfort

Ergonomically designed office space and furniture for optimum comfort and minimal stress on body

Secure Wi-fi

Secure business-grade internet via Wi-Fi is provided at Sears Coworking at no extra charge


Complimentary Tea and Coffee is provided at our self-serving Cafeteria on the top floor

No Extra-Utility Costs

All utilities charges like electricity, water, backup power etc., are inclusive and not charged as extra-cost.

House Keeping

The house keeping staff at our center ensures that the working spaces are kept clean and health at no extra cost.


First contact at Sears Coworking is the reception area where an efficient receptionist will assist visitors.

Covered Parking

Sears Coworking has covered parking on the stilt floor for vehicles accessible from 4 shuttered entrance from 3 sides.

Surround Parking

The building has set-backs on three sides for vehicle parking (both cars and motorbiles) which is open to sky for .